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The fastest growing movement of entrepreneurs, marketers, and business professionals who believe that human connection is the greatest and fastest way to market a business in a modern world.

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The Vision

Modern Marketing will be the standard of the new generation.

We will expand the influence of Modern Marketing with notable brands, startups, companies, communities & thought leaders. Throughout this journey we (modern marketers) will shape the approaches and methodologies of our industries, by creating a world that people find hope in.

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The Pillars


(Value Over Everything)


The prioritization of providing value to the audience beforemanything else; no hidden agendas to sell, no holding back value to lure them in, just honest and transparent value


We do not hold back value to leverage leads or sales because the purpose of delivering value through our content is to bring people into our ecosystem.

Distributing transparent, no-holds-barred value creates larger networks of more nurtured people who are more than just community members-there brand advocates.


Making sure your content stays connected
with time and context


The quality or state of being closely connected orappropriate.


In marketing, the key to success is being able to connect with your audience. This can only be accomplished if the content you’re creating fits topics, peoples, places, or brands that the
audience can relate to and is distributed on platforms where the audience is already consuming content.

This pillar is two tiered: There must be an effort to create content that connects within context, as well as an effort to put that content on platforms that have the audience’s attention.


Build a business that matters


Something of value handed down by a predecessor (i.e. money, business, property)


It’s crucial to think about the bigger picture. A business is more than just the sales it makes, and a publication is more than the content it produces. Something of true value will outlive its creators.

We seek to make the value we produce evergreen. We seekto grow The Modern Marketer beyond ourselves because anyone who creates value has a responsibility to lay the foundation for those who come after them.


Don’t leave people hanging


Answer quickly and positively to a someone or something


In the world of inbound marketing, we put tools into action that qualify leads and allow them to approach us rather than the dated method of approaching anyone and everyone in hopes for a lead. Because leads approach us, response is key to success in the inbound marketing process.

We serve as a resource, and are therefore expected to provide answers. Failing to do so is failing the objective of modern marketing, because modern marketing is about true and lasting connections. Response is not only important, it’s a necessity.


Be real and authentic to the people around you


The quality of being genuine, trustworthy, and tactful


We are people. We create content for people. So why, then, would we create content for any other reason than to serve people? The best marketers are storytellers, and the best stories are made through connecting with the deep qualities that all humans share. There is no posturing or
creating false images. The best connections are made through honesty and transparency, all the while balancing empathy and sensitivity. When we take care never to forget the human element in our content and in our interactions, we will continue to build the authenticity of the brand.

The Network

The mission of The Modern Marketer is to break through the noise and deliver the kind of value that not only builds businesses, but the kind of value that changes lives

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